The Essential Guide

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This book contains everything you need to know about losing weight, building muscle and living a long and healthy life.

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  • 800 pages of easy-to-digest information.
  • Science-backed based on over 580 clinical studies and references.
  • Over 254 full-colour photographs and illustrations.
  • Simple descriptions, Key points and Paragraph Breaks.



  • Anyone looking to lose weight and maintain a Healthy Lifestyle Regime.
  • Gym-goers.
  • Dieters.
  • Bodybuilders

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27 reviews for The Essential Guide

  1. Gracey Brown

    Jon covers everything in this one!

  2. Elena

    I loved this book, especially the part about veganism. Dr Lee takes an objective look at the pros and cons of veganism, and it all makes sense now!

  3. Sara

    Bought this book after attending Dr Lee’s talk on ‘How To Get The Perfect Body!’ Excellent.

  4. Pauline

    Love it! Heavy book but full of interesting information about diet and weight training!

  5. Ken Shotton

    Finally, a book that doesn’t preach some biassed dieting routine. I read this from front to back. It took around a month lol, but really informative and entertaining!

  6. Sandy

    Great Book!

  7. Patricia Allen

    I’m getting on in years now, but after reading this book, I have come to realise that age is just a number. Dr Lee mentions a number of studies demonstrating how exercise regimes can be highly effective throughout life. I’m in my 70s now, and after reading this book, I have started regular gym routines at the local fitness centre. I’ve never felt better. I’m still new, but this book has literally changed my life! No longer do I have to rely on medication from my GP. He says my blood sugar levels are back to normal now. Admittedly, I won’t be competing in any bodybuilding shows anytime soon [haha], but Dr Lee stresses the importance of ‘progressive overloads’ and provides an excellent beginner’s section for those new to weight training. He also talks about how to overcome the insecurity of gym-goers staring at you in the gym (something I’ve come to experience a lot now being 76 years old!!), but I’m now a regular. I’ve also made quite a few friends now! In short, I cannot recommend this book enough! It’s changed my life!!

  8. Jack

    The new fitness bible!

  9. Robert Ray

    Very informative! Well researched. Funny in places!

  10. Jules

    This is one heavy-ass book, but great for reference!

  11. Jess

    Damm!!! This is the bomb!!

  12. Peter Keenan

    A great read. Well written and explained.

  13. Adam

    This book covers everything! Worth it.

  14. Louise Anne

    really detailed and a great read! Wish more books were like this one

  15. Scott Whittaker

    So many fitness books out there! Most of them are shit! Read this one and finally found one that isn’t crap! A great investment!

  16. Alice

    The perfect fitness book!

  17. Moustafa

    Bloody expensive for a book, but I can see where the money went. Covers everything you need to know about health, fitness and nutrition, loads of science-references, and easy on the eye! May not be for everyone, but what a book!!!

  18. Grace K.

    A great book. Covers every topic, great pictures. Well referenced!

  19. Derek

    This book covers everything you need to know! There’s no other book out there like this! Worth every penny!!

  20. Ryan Sanders

    Spot on! I’ve been a personal trainer for 10 years, and couldn’t agree more with the information and advice. Dr Lee takes an objective look at all popular and controversial topics including meat, milk, fasting, veganism, gut health, the brain, heart disease and blends it together with exercise, weight training, fitness, and HIIT. Loads of pretty colour pictures augment the text. All science-backed without boring you to death with pointless details. This is the best health and fitness book I’ve ever read!!

  21. Sandra

    If you’re into working out, you need this book. Period!

  22. Peter

    Dr Lee apparently spent 3 years writing this book, and after reading it, I can see where that time went. I’ve never seen a book like this. Dr Lee talks about everything from veganism to meat eating to gut health to weight training to diet to milk to..well everything!

  23. Sarah

    This is certainly not the book for everyone, but is well written, covers a massive range of topics, and is researched really thoroughly.

  24. Avatar

    This book is like no other I’ve ever read. Really thorough and easy to read. Highly recommended.

  25. phillip sholley

    Pros: Covers everything you need to know about sports nutrition and exercise. Lots of nice colour pictures and tables. Key point summaries at the end of each chapter.

    Cons: A bit pricey. Probably a bit advanced for an absolute beginner. Not the kind of book you can easily take to the gym.

    Verdict: If you want a better understanding of the science behind sports nutrition and exercise, then this book will answer all of your questions.

  26. Derek

    One of the best fitness books ever written.

  27. Katayaz

    Contains a massive range of topics. An excellent reference book!

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