Lean Gains (2nd Edition)

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Work-out smarter not harder.

When it comes to weight loss, muscle growth, and physical fitness, trial-and-error is as dangerous as it is costly. You’re probably wondering why it’s taking you too long to bulk-up or lose weight compared to others who have done it faster. If you’re noticing that your workout sessions, weight training, and diet are becoming too hard to handle with disappointing results, it’s probably time to accept a helping hand.

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Lean Gains is the only guide you need in achieving the figure you’ve always wanted and for a healthier lifestyle.

Achieving your ideal figure is not a straight path and having a workout and meal plan will not always guarantee the same results your fitness coach has promised you. Here at Lean Gains, we did our homework to help you start smart. Our book contains everything you need to know about burning fat, gaining muscle, and living a long, vibrant, and healthy life. We’ve created a comprehensive blueprint to help you manage your weight and get faster results no matter your gender or body type without the need to resort to drugs or bizarre workout routines.

All the information and tips you’ll encounter in our book are backed by a total of over 400 clinical studies, over 150 coloured photographs, and supported by countless testimonials from satisfied readers. You can now follow a meal-plan and workout regime tailored to your lifestyle.

Need we say more? Here are a few more reasons to help you decide:

💪 Has a gentle sense of humour for enjoyable reading

💪 Contains 400 pages of easy-to-digest information and simple descriptions on the science and reasoning of your diet and workout routine

💪 A comprehensive guide for both men and women

You’re one button away from achieving your ideal body figure!

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14 reviews for Lean Gains (2nd Edition)

  1. shimona

    Well-researched and easy-to-read. Covers a lot of science but once you get the science, you’ll understand the processes better.

  2. ruth

    I’ve read lean gains and the lean gains method. lean gains is a thousand times better.

  3. Danny

    Not many fitness books pay so much attention to detail. It’s definitely Dr Lee’s best book so far.

  4. David

    Much better than the first edition. Well-written and great advice. Really works!

  5. emma

    1 minute in and I was hooked. I loved the way he wrote this book. Can’t wait to put this into motion. Covers everything from diet planning to music to muscle growth and fat burning!

  6. Simon

    Lots of pics, great content, simple to understand, and a sense of humour to boot. What more can you ask for?

  7. David

    Brilliant and comprehensive guide to sports nutrition and weight training. Entertaining and thorough.

  8. Brian

    The perfect fitness book! Covers everything you need to know.

  9. Danny

    Not many fitness books pay so much attention to detail. It’s definitely Dr Lee’s best book so far.

  10. rhino

    A must read!

  11. Phil

    Let’s cut the shit! Dr Lee knows what he’s talking about and should be respected. This book is testament to it.

  12. Christopher

    All the answers you need to know.

  13. Christina

    Great book. Contains everything you need to know.

  14. michael

    Jovial, honest, and most importantly effective advice.

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