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 Our aim at 'Lean Gains UK' is to help clients achieve their health and fitness goals (whatever they may be). We do this by providing a wide range of products, services, and educational tools to keep you on track. But don't take my word for it! The testimonials below are taken from  clients and work colleagues who have successfully reached their goals after applying the 'Lean Gains' system to their diet and workout regimes. CONTACT US TODAY if you would like our help.

Dr Jonathan S Lee BDS BSc

Dr Jonathan S Lee BDS BSc

Author and Proprietor of ‘Lean Gains UK’

“The training and dieting regimes highlighted throughout ‘The Essential Guide to Sports Nutrition and Bodybuilding’ are essential for success. Dr. Lee has extensive knowledge in this regard and clearly knows what he’s talking about here.”
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“As a female bodybuilder, I can say that “The Ultimate Gym Workout” and “The Essential Guide to Sports Nutrition and Bodybuilding” are the perfect adjunct for those serious about gaining muscle and burning fat!”
“I am so happy with these results! I’ve struggled in the past with weight-loss plateaus, but have finally reached may goals!”
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“I lost 8 pounds in 6 weeks and am happy with the results. The advice from the books and the people at ‘Lean Gains UK’ is spot on!!”
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“I was over 21 stone, and I lost 12 stone in weight in under 2 years. The nutritional advice and dieting regimes in all of Dr. Lee’s books are spot on!”
“‘The Ultimate Gym Workout’ is an absolute must for those looking to make some lean gains!”
“The Lean Gains book collection is essential for all those out there who are serious about making some gains. An honest, no BS approach to training!”
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“I love working with the personal trainers at ‘Lean Gains UK’ and recommend them to all my friends!”
“The ‘Lean Gains’ personal trainers and books have enabled me to lose over a stone within a matter of weeks. I now look and feel great, and no longer need to resort to crazy, extreme diet plans anymore!”
“Having been a professional bodybuilder and working closely with Dr Lee for over a year, I would strongly recommend the services ‘Lean Gains UK’ has to offer.”
“The health professionals at ‘Lean Gains UK’ are top notch! I was able to finally lose the stubborn fat around my hips!!”
The Halgreens
“Being personal trainers, I can definitely say that these books are excellent guides for muscle growth and fat loss. They’re easy to read with eye-catching images and relevant information .”
The ‘Halgreen’ Brothers
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“Having been a personal trainer for over 25 years, I can honestly say that ‘Lean Gains’ is the best fitness book out there!”
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“‘Lean Gains’ is the best fitness book I’ve ever read and I love working with the ‘Lean Gains’ health professionals.”
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“These books cover everything you need to know about fat loss and muscle growth without boring you to death. Lots of pictures and easy on the eye!”
Mike and Sarah
“Be careful of the advice you get from YouTube. Some of it’s garbage. The “Lean Gains books” are meticulously researched and fact-based!”
Jamie and Lindsey