What’s The Deal With Protein?


Out of ALL the supplements out there,
protein is BY FAR the most popular!!

But Why Is That The Case????!!


Well, as always, we’ll explore the facts first, and then take it from there.

Protein is essential for literally everything!
In fact, to be blunt, we would DIE without protein!!!
But before going any further, let’s see why protein is so important, and take a look at some popular food sources that contain quite a lot of this essential macronutrient.

Health Benefits of Protein

Fat Loss Benefits of Protein

...As You Can See, Protein is a Busy Bee...

..protein also has a wide range of functions within the body. 
On average, we should be consuming 1g/pound bodyweight, especially when active/weight-training. 
When protein is in short supply, however, muscle growth takes a backseat, and is of least priority when compared to skin, hair, cell structure, hormones, etc.
This explains why, if our aim is to get bigger muscles, we need to make sure we’re getting enough protein in our diets.

.....So, In Conclusion....

Protein has a plethora of health benefits,
 in addition to the essential functions already mentioned. 
The ones most of us are concerned with centre around 
weight loss and muscle growth.
These more specific health benefits are covered in detail in
  ‘The Essential Guide to Sports Nutrition and Bodybuilding.’ 
….But, in a nutshell, just be aware that…
if you want bigger muscles, or you intend on preserving as much muscle as possible whilst dieting, then you MUST consume enough protein.

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