How To Look After Your Health
During and After Lockdown

12 pm


Level: ALL

Duration: 90 min

2:30 pm


Crossfit Group Training

Level: Moderate

Duration: 45 min

3:30 pm


Family Training Session

Level: Easy

Duration: 45 min


Have you gained a few pounds during lockdown?
Do you feel fat, lazy, and depressed?
Are you sick of watching Netflix and eating Pizza?
Do you want to know which foods to eat in order to boost your immune system to fight this invisible enemy?

Well if the answer to any [or all] of those questions is ‘YES,’ then this webinar is definitely for you. 👌

Dr Jonathan S. Lee is a specialist in sports nutrition and exercise with over 25 years experience in this arena. He has also written 7 health and fitness books about diet and exercise.

During this interactive webinar, he will be discussing:

1. The best ways to loose fat without going to the gym.
2. How to avoid hunger pangs.
3. The best ways to reduce cravings for the ‘naughty stuff.’
4. The benefits of exercise on overall mental health.
5. Ten healthy foods to help boost your immune system and why.

This interactive event will be followed by a short Q and A.

Look after yourselves and see you there! 😊

Zoom Webinar

Ps. You will need the ‘zoom’ app in order to join the meeting. Click on link opposite near the time. Thanks 👍

Quiz and Free Gifts

At the end of the webinar, there will be a short, fun quiz were we will be giving away free Lean Gains UK Products.